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Boross Guard Weapons - Collaborative Project

Modelling and Texturing by: Will Powell
Concept and design by Dan Baldwin:
A Collaborative project me and Dan have done over the Summer of 2017, to aid in the development of his world, Widderich, we thought up some designs for the guards of the city, starting with their weapons, seen here is the Boross Guard Axe Rifle Weapon Design and Model and their side arm shotgun.
This was done to test out working together on a joint project, so we can develop both of our skills. Me, focusing on the 3D aspect: Zbrush, Maya and Substance whereas Dan with the 2D and Design of the weapons mainly taking place in photoshop.

Will powell sidearm

(Will Powell) Side Arm 3D Model

Will powell axerifle

(Will Powell) Axe Rifle 3D model

Will powell guard weapon sidearm design

(Dan Baldwin) Side Arm 2D Design Sheet

Will powell guard weapon design as version

(Dan Baldwin) Axe Rifle 2D Design Sheet